Liquidus helps you earn with DeFi

The best DeFi has to offer aggregated into a single app, deposit into your favorite farms with one click

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Crypto earning unlike any app you have used before

One click farming

With Liquidus, Defi becomes as easy as a breeze. Simple one-click protocols allow you to do almost everything.
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Your keys, your wallet

Liquidus never touches your keys or wallets, meaning you are in full control of your DeFi wallet.
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Highest APY across all DeFi

Easily discover the pools and farms with the highest APY based on your crypto assets.
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Earn decentralized interest, hassle-free with one click.

Smart token & farm scanning

Deposit your tokens, and Liquidus will suggest yield farming options based on your assets to maximise daily returns.
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Expert DeFi pools suggested for you

Liquidus works tirelessly to make sure that we show you the best farms based off your current holdings while showing you the best and safest APY returns.
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No DeFi experience needed to benefit

Liquidus is built for anyone wanting to earn passive income in the simplest way, using suggestions and smart scanning to find you the safest and most profitable options.
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We take your Security very seriously at Liquidus

Non-custodial wallet
Liquidus never holds any records, meaning you are the only one with access to your crypto.
Advanced encryption.
Protecting your 12-word seed phrase with leading advanced industry standard encryption.
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Audited Smart contracts
Making sure we are protected and giving the best options to
our users.
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Check out our advanced
Security rating system

Too Risky
Not listed on Liquidus
Too Risky
Not listed on Liquidus
High risk
Increased Risk
Reasonable Risk
Low Risk
Low Risk
Relying on other projects
Smart Contacts
Reward Token Market Cap
Total Value Locked
Previous Exploits
Project Age

All of this power and more with Liquidus premium tiers

Bronze Tier
Tokens Staked
Liquidus Boost
0% APR
Bronze Fee
Security Rating
Stake more LIQ
Silver Tier
Tokens Staked
1,000 LIQ
Liquidus Boost
25% APR
Silver Fee
Security Rating
Stake more LIQ
Gold Tier
Next Level
Tokens Staked
5,000 LIQ
Liquidus Boost
75% APR
Gold Fee
Security Rating
Stake more LIQ
Next Level
Tokens Staked
20,000 LIQ
Liquidus Boost
200% APR
Titan Fee
Security Rating
Stake more LIQ

Greek Gods might be a myth...

But there is nothing mythical about our ambitions to drive DeFi forward

An educational series for you to learn more about this space

What is a crypto wallet? - Liquidus Educational Series 1
2:10 min
What can I use a Wallet for? - Liquidus Educational Series 2
3:73 min
Track your DeFi portfolio with Liquidus Wallet - Feature Update
6:28 min
How to find the best yield farms on all DeFi on BSC or Ethereum?
8:00 min

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