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The potential in decentralized finance is vast. Even for the fast-moving world of crypto, the DeFi market continues to grow at a staggering pace. Offering access to returns that can reach hundreds and even thousands in APR.


Dec 2019


Dec 2020


May 2021

Feb 2022


The total value locked (TVL) in the DeFi system has grown from $700 million in December 2019 to over $200 billion today.

According to Forbes

Making DeFi accessible

We believe DeFi should be for everyone with a taste for adventure. But DEXes can be confusing. And it’s not always clear how safe a DeFi protocol is.

With our all-in-one app, you can avoid the hassle of time-consuming manual transactions and multiple interfaces.

Mentoring DeFi masters

We live and breathe DeFi. And we’re passionate about opening up access to the market.

Which is why, as well as the tech, we give you the knowledge and confidence to become a DeFi guru yourself.

Unlock your DeFi potential

With over 10k+ pools to choose from, it’s tricky to find the right one. But our app is built with you in mind.

Scan for tokens & farms

Our smart scanner see’s what tokens you have and suggest the best farms to maximise returns

Stake your crypto

Easily find the best pools or farms to stake your tokens with clear instructions

Earn on the go

Easily maximise your crypto assets by generating passive income


Cut out the middleman

Try our Yield scanner yourself. Just one click to see the best pools and farms based on the market.

Powering your potential

Liquidus Farm APY architecture

Farm APY Validation

Be sure you earn what you see using our validation

0.5s Response Time

Compared to Pancakeswap which takes up to 5s to load farm APYs

Multi-Blockchain Support

Find the best farm for your tokens across multiple blockchains aggregated

Liquidus is made with you in mind

Build your crypto portfolio effortlessly with our simple and intuitive app.

Spend time earning, not worrying

Simplicity put first. Liquidus makes farming your crypto simple and easy. The market's best rates at your fingertip.

Keep your idle assets secure

We ensure that your assets are secure, meaning you can invest with peace of mind.

Earn passive income. With ease.

Earn extra income on the go. No more uncertainty, no more hassle. With Liquidus you are always just a click away.

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Who’s behind Liquidus


All your questions about Liquidus answered.

What is the purpose of the LIQ token?

The LIQ token allows you to access benefits using the LIQ platform and services. Holding a certain amount of LIQ tokens will give you boosted rates and/or lower transaction fees. LIQ is the native utility token of the Liquidus app and platform. In addition 50% of all transaction fees paid by users using the Liquidus app will be used to buyback and burn LIQ tokens.

Is LIQ an inflationary or deflationary token?

It is deflationary as most of the fees collected will be used to buyback and burn LIQ tokens.

Are the team and advisor tokens locked?

Yes, all team, advisor, marketing and development fund tokens are vested for a full year and then gradually unvested over the course of 3 years.

What benefit do I have by holding LIQ tokens?

There are a number of benefits that come with holding LIQ tokens. Firstly, you can participate in community polls to vote on crucial changes and improvements of the Liquidus protocol. Furthermore, the premium tier (standard, silver, gold, or titan) will be determined depending on how many LIQ tokes you are holding. Premium tiers offer lower fees, additional APRs with Liquidus Boost, and much more.

Is the liquidity locked?

Yes, our initial liquidity that we are providing on a DEX (PancakeSwap) is locked for one year. It is 5% of the total LIQ token supply plus the equivalent amount in BNB.

What is the Liquidus app?

The Liquidus app has the goal of making the DeFi space accessible to a mainstream audience. Use your coins to add them to a liquidity pool & farm with one click and start earning the highest interest rates possible. Refer to our Litepaper for more information.

What technologies does the Liquidus app support?

The Liquidus app will be deployed as a web-app to work on any browser, as well as a native iOS and Android app.

Can I use an existing wallet to connect to the Liquidus app?

Yes, you can import your existing wallet or create a new wallet with our app.

When will the Liquidus app be released?

We are currently working hard to release the Liquidus app as soon as possible. However, as complex developments take time, the best you can do is to follow our announcement channel on Telegram or Twitter to be among the first to know about it. We are aiming to release a alpha version in September 2022.

What is Liquidus?

Liquidus is a development stage startup working on a blockchain SAAS that allows mobile friendly and easy navigation of DeFi markets. Liquidus is incorporated and licensed in the UAE, Dubai.

Why is the app and the tokens restricted in certain locations?

Regulations on the use of digital assets are still in the early stages in a lot of countries. Based on the recommendation from our legal team we are forced to exclude certain jurisdictions. We are evaluating excluded jurisdictions regularly for changes and updates. To be extra safe get informed about how your jurisdiction handles the use and possession of digital assets and their taxability.

I am a token- or stakeholder where can I get updates?

As a stakeholder of any kind, we advise you to follow all our community channels, including Telegram and, most notably, our Discord. For further information, check out our Medium and Youtube channels. Additionally, we host regular AMAs and have a bi-weekly stakeholder update letter.

Why will the Liquidus wallet ask me for basic personal information.

Liquidus aims to make the DeFi space accessible to a broad audience. We are in close contact with regulators all over the world. With regulations to avoid total anonymity being implemented by 2023, Liquidus wants to be prepared to shine as a compliant platform, not sacrificing growth. Remember, we build for a big audience; simplicity is our key objective.

How safe are my assets with Liquidus?

Although there is never a 100% guarantee for something to be failure proof, we only work with approved decentralized protocols. This implies that your funds will always be accessible and held in a trustless manner. In addition to vetting our partners and providing a transparent security rating, we are looking to implement a security fund to cover the unlikely event of a failure.

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Liquidus Tokenomics


3 Yield Matches

We’ve now scanned your tokens and found the best pools for you

User tokens






Top Liquidity Pools
102.3% APY


- $23.35 daily


50.2% APY


- $13.35 daily


80.4% APY


- $223.35 daily


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